21 | 05 | 2018

Inigo Center of Cultur and Spirituality

The Inigo Library and Cultural Center is a work of the Society of Jesus in Siberia, whose mission is “to participate in the cultural life of Novosibirsk by way of intellectual reflection, dialogue, and presence.”

We are happy to report that during the year and a half of its existence, Inigo has been a meeting place for different ways of thinking in varied intellectual disciplines. We have respected diversity of thought and, at the same time, have made contributions from our own Catholic background. In addition, we have added 500 books to our library collection (30,000). By way of the computer program Russmark, a cataloguing system used by the majority of Russian libraries, we are making our catalog accessible on the Internet.

To get an idea of the important events of this past year and a half, we kindly ask you to visit our Facebook profile (http://www.facebook.com/inigobiblio).
We are always happy to welcome your assistance and help of any kind.

A brief history

The library was begun as a resource for the Jesuit community at the Inigo Catholic Center for Spiritual Development. The collection grew gradually and broadened in scope.

It soon became clear the library would be useful for anyone interested in philosophy, psychology, spirituality, scripture studies, church history, and religious studies. Most of all, the library was used by undergraduate and students and teachers from Novosibirsk institutes of higher learning, and people attending lectures at the Inigo Center from 1998 to 2006.

This valuable collection of academic research materials and other sources – more than 25,000 books in different languages — was ensconced at a rather inaccessible site, and needed to be made more easily available at a more central location.

For more information: http://www.inigocenter.ru/ 

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