21 | 03 | 2018

St. Thomas Institute

By virtue of its specialist character, St. Thomas Institute provides a unique learning environment. In particular, its publication house and unique library offer a distinctive place of encounter for intellectual dialogue and stimulating learning experience at a well equipped place. The institute is run by the Society of Jesus of the Catholic Church.

St Thomas Institute seeks to create an open and friendly environment for dialogue between various traditions, cultures and mindsets. By its very academic programme, institute seeks to provide a forum for intercultural exchange with its unique academic curriculum, where students get to know many religions of the world, history of Christianity and study of sacred texts, also to view religion from philosophical, psychological, social and scientific perspectives.  In other words, the institute brings into conversation the Eastern and Western traditions in contemporary contexts and challenges, for example, relations between Christianity and Judaism; Christianity and Islam; Church-State, science-religion, and faith-reason relations.

St. Thomas Institute is committed to make significant contribution in the fields of theology, philosophy and art with a concentration to religiovedenie- religious studies.

It aims to foster a sustained theological and philosophical reflection upon, dialogue with and critique of contemporary secular and religious culture.

It seeks to promote and develop engagement and dialogue with other religious traditions.

For more information: http://www.sfoma.ru/ 

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