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Become a Jesuit
"The Church needs you, relies on you and continues to turn to you with trust, particularly to reach those physical and spiritual places which others do not reach or have difficulty in reaching."

With the words above, His Holiness Benedict XVI reiterated a centuries old charge of the Catholic Church to the Jesuits during the 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus in February 2008.

The Society of Jesus is a community of priests and brothers dedicated to the service of God and the Church for the betterment of the world around us. No matter what our work, from university to infirmary to barrio, it is for the glory of God and the help and salvation of souls. Even within the Society of Jesus, there is a great variety of voices, an array of talents, but we are all at the service of the call and the mission. Some are gifted at social analysis, others at immediate and effective working with people at the margins of life or society. Many are scholars, many are missionaries. Whether teaching, preaching, giving the sacraments or praying for the society, our voices are as varied as the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, but there must be one message: to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves.


It is always untaken with the idea of mission in mind. What we do in our formation helps us to be better able to help others. When St. Ignatius, at the age of 33, went back to school, he did so in order to be able ‘to help souls’.

It is exactly the same reason that leads us today to undertake a whole range of studies and other sorts of formation. It has often been said that ‘no ministry which prepares the way for the Kingdom or which helps arouse faith in the Gospel is outside the scope of Jesuit priests and brothers.

So whilst Jesuits training for the priesthood (scholastics) undertake the study of philosophy and theology required for ordination, and Jesuit brothers will do similar studies, both Jesuit scholastics and Brothers may also do a whole range of other sorts of formation that make them better servants of Christ’s Kingdom.

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