21 | 04 | 2018


Currently, Jesuits in Russia are based in Moscow and Novosibirsk.

In Moscow, Jesuits run St. Thomas Institute of Higher Education which grants religious education under a university based system. Jesuits also help out in the Catholic parishes in assisting the pastoral needs of the people. From time to time, they also give Spiritual Exercises (retreates to people). 

In Novosibirsk, Jesuits help the current Jesuit Bishop, Josef Werth by rendering various pastoral assistance. The Inigo Cultural and Spiritual centers organizes variuous courses and programs for the people. The retreat house also accomodates people who are willing to undergo Spiritual Exercises.

Jesuits belonging to the Russian Independent Region work in other CIS countries like Ukraine, Beilorussia, Kazachstan and kyrgyzstan.

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