19 | 04 | 2018

Online Prayers

Praying online... Sacred Space

Sacred Space is designed to help to busy people in their offices have a meaningful experience of prayer via the internet. It offers a daily ten-minute prayer session, in six stages, centred on a scripture passage and based on the tradition of Ignatian spirituality. Sacred Space attracts over five million visits annually and is now produced in some 20 languages.

Web: http://www.sacredspace.ie

Praying on the move... Pray-as-you-go

Pray-as-you-go is a daily prayer session in MP3 format that can be downloaded for use on a computer or a portable MP3 player. It combines some of the world's most beautiful spiritual music with a reading from the scriptures and some questions for personal reflection. Pray-as-you-go is the perfect way to build a habit of regular prayer into a busy day, and the perfect antidote to the hassle and stress of the life of the average commuter!

Web: www.pray-as-you-go.org (English)

 Rezandovoy Pray-as-you-go in Spanish (Castellano)


Spiritual Exercises over the internet  - A guide to all that you need to progress in your spiritual journey!

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