21 | 03 | 2018

Jesuit Volunteers


Jesuits have worked with young people since the earliest days. Ignatius and his first companions made a priority of serving the young, and Jesuits continue these ministries in various ways today.

To some it seems that this whole generation has turned its back on organised religion, but still their search for God goes on, and still the values of the Gospel -- of the faith that does justice -- resonate with their own sense of what is right and good.

Any Jesuit who works with teenagers or with young adults finds himself uncovering that reality, and trying to bridge that gap.

He has the privilege of accompanying young people on a journey of faith, on which they discover -- in God’s love for them, in the living tradition of the Church and in the insights of St Ignatius -- a treasure that is both priceless and timeless.

Here is the link to European Jesuit volunteers

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