24 | 04 | 2018

Summer Camps

The scholastics of the Russian Jesuit Region organize  various summer camps in various parts of the Eastern Europe.

A short report of the activity in 2012

• Ukraine: Scholastics organize summer camp in Carpathian Mountains

Towards the end of July four scholastics of the Russian Jesuit Region organized a 10 days long retreat for 21 young people (18 to 30 years old) on the slops of the Carpathian mountains (Ukraine). The Word of God from the Scriptures, His presence in nature and sharing of faith in a compact group of peers helped them to know each other, the presence of God in their lives and in nature. We taught the participants to pray with the Word of God using the Ignatian methods of prayer. We also organized some hikes to the highest mountain peaks of Ukraine.

This initiative of adaptation of the spiritual exercises was the first of its kind for us and quite unique in the "market" of summer proposals. We definitely want to continue this experience because the fruits of the retreat were abundant as the reactions from the participants showed. For many, the motto for the retreat “Launch out into the deep" became a reality as they met God in a new way in His Word addressed to them personally. For us Jesuits seeing God, working in the lives of others was a great gift, which encourages us in our desire to "help the souls".

-  Victor Zhuk, SJ

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