The Society of Jesus is a worldwide Roman Catholic religious order founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. He originally called his group “The Company of Jesus” to indicate its true leader, the title was Latinized into “Societas Jesu” in the Bull of Pope Paul III on 27 Sept., 1540. The motto of the Society of Jesus is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God). 

“The Society of Jesus has carried a flame for nearly five hundred years through innumerable social and cultural circumstances that have challenged it intensely to keep that flame alive and burning. Things are no different today. In a world that overwhelms people with a multiplicity of sensations, ideas, and images, the Society seeks to keep the fire of its original inspiration alive in a way that offers warmth and light to our contemporaries. It does this by telling a story that has stood the test of time, despite the imperfections of its members and even of the whole body, because of the continued goodness of God, who has never allowed the fire to die.” (taken from GC 35, Decree 2)

 Historically, Jesuits served in the Russian Empire as teachers and pastors. In 1992, the Society of Jesus officially returned to Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk) and other CIS countries. The works of Jesuits in these countries are carried forward under two aspects: Pastoral service to the Catholic Church in Russia and other CIS countries, and intellectual dialogue.